Saturday, January 15, 2011

Savings Tracker

The Coupon Project has put together a great Excel savings tracker.  I am going to use it this year to see exactly how much I am saving since I have started couponing and where I could still cut back.  Click here to see her blog post about this. 

This has a place for you to track how much stuff would have been before discounts/coupons, your coupon savings, your discount savings and your rebate savings.  It also allows you to put in a budget number so you can track how you are doing on your budget.  There is a separate "page" for each month and a year long summary, too!  :)

I think this is going to be an AWESOME resource to have around!  Especially when my couponing gets called into questions (time vs. profit, etc.).  :)  Thanks, The Coupon Project!!

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