Monday, January 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Organization-WEEK 3

So, last week's organization went really well!  I was able to condense my Christmas stuff down into 3 bins and I am getting rid of a whole bin of stuff!  Yeah!  I did not finish my wrapping paper because my other garment bag is buried deep inside our coat closet (one of those closets that is really deep) and I really didn't want to pull everything out.  I will do it when I get around to organizing that closet.  Right now all my year round paper is under my bed, so it is okay.

ANYWAY, week 3 of my home organization brings me to my Mary Kay inventory and business tools.  I no longer sell Mary Kay, but I did for about a year.  I have not been selling it in over a year, and have had all this stuff lying around waiting to be sorted.  This is the week it is going to happen!! 

I have a bunch of inventory that I am going to go through, pick what I would like to keep or that I will use and then sell the rest.  I am planning on selling it at cost (what I paid for it-so 50% off) and no tax (just to keep it simple). 

I also have a bunch of "business tools" such as samples, forms, packaging, a beauty coat, etc. that I would like to sell, also.  I am sure that there is a consultant or two out there that would like to invest in this kind stuff for a reduced price.  I have at least two bins that I can think of full of this kind of stuff!

Hopefully I can make some money that will then go into the "House Redecorating Fund" that I have set up.  This fund will allow me to buy things like baskets for storage and paint so that my husband doesn't have to pay for all that I would like to do to the house. 

My goal is to have the sale next weekend and to be rid of all this by February 1.  If you know anyone that would be interested in taking any of this off of my hands, please leave me a comment and I will be in touch!!  :)


  1. Maybe I could swing by wed or Fri to browse through your stuff.

  2. Martha-that would be great. Are you planning on coming to the strategic shopping seminar I am hosting on Friday the 28th? You could look through it then if you are coming (you should-it is going to be great!). :)