Thursday, January 27, 2011


My son has snack duty at school on Friday and I am hosting a Strategic Shopping Seminar at my house on Friday night, so I decided I should find something to make for these before it was too late and I was scrambling. I found the recipe for Oatmeal Apple Muffins on  It looks like a pretty healthy snack (the caption reads: "a muffin packed with antioxidants in the apples, cranberries and nuts, fiber in the oats and even cinnamon to cut blood sugar") for the kiddos in Connor's class and something yummy for my class.  I not only wanted to find something healthy, but I had a few things in my pantry stockpile that I want to start using. has a place you can list the ingredients you would like to have in a recipe (or ingredients you have on hand) and it spits out a recipe or recipes that you can use.  I have a whole bunch of oats (from the Quaker sale at Target-$0.14 a canister! :) ), cranberries (left over from holiday cooking), and apples that I would like to start using up.  There are a couple ingredients I don't normally keep on hand (like the half-and-half) or am out of (the walnuts), but I am sure I can quickly pick those up tomorrow.  :)  I will let everyone know how they turn out.  :)

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