Monday, January 10, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing-WEEK 1 and 2

So, since it is the 2nd week in the year already, I have two things to do this week.  The first thing I am going to do this week is go through my Christmas stuff and purge anything that I have not used in the last 3 years (I change my tree "theme" every year so I don't use everything every year) and reorganize to hopefully get everything into 3 bins instead of 5!  (I know....a lot of Christmas stuff!)  I KNOW that there is a lot of stuff that I have been reluctant to get rid of just because I have some sort of emotional attachment (I have a lot of "hand me downs" from my mom and grandma and great-grandma), but hey, they got rid of it because they no longer wanted the stuff, NOT because they were gifting it to me.  So, I just need to LET GO!

The second thing this week is going to be organizing all of my wrapping paper and wrapping "stuff" (tissue, bags, boxes, etc.).  I have already put up a post about this earlier today.  I am half way done with this project.  I just need to find another garment bag (I know I have one somewhere) and do my year round paper/accessories.  It will be SO nice not to have to dig all the time for wrapping paper and bags/tissue!!  :)

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