Friday, January 21, 2011

Full Circle Farms Produce

I am always looking for ways to save money on produce.  That is one area that I really cannot use coupons (on a regular basis at least) and that you can't really stockpile (other than being able to freeze or can some items).  I heard about this Full Circle Farms from Tiffany Dirks at Become Shoppertunistic and decided to give it a shot.  This is the "Who We Are" from their website:

"Full Circle is an organic farm and produce delivery service located just 30 miles outside of Seattle, Washington. We cultivate and distribute our good food to subscribing members and the general public. Our history is rooted in a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and the same traditions and values direct our practice today.
Full Circle's farms span 400 acres of farmland and grows over 50 crops and 200 varieties of produce. We deliver to customers throughout the greater Puget Sound and Alaska hungry for the best tasting, healthiest food possible."

You can get produce from them weekly or biweekly and they have options for Standard Size ($32 a week, feeds two adults and probably a young child or two) or a Family Size ($41 a week, feeds 4).  This "per week" is only for the weeks you get produce, so if you get it biweekly, it would only be $32/$41 every other week!!

This is what they say about the contents of their orders:

"Each order contains between 10-12 fruits, vegetables, and herbs, with the amount of each item increasing from the Regular to the Family size. Contents will vary to bring you a balance of variety and staples from week to week, depending on seasonality, availability, quality and pricing.
For Example
The following list details contents in a Standard Box received by our members in the last month. And to make sure you receive food you love to eat, we offer several options for substituting and/or adding items to your order.

Red Leaf Lettuce Full Circle
Baby Red Beets Full Circle
Green Chard Full Circle
Celery Full Circle
Baby Bok Choy Full Circle
Yellow Onions Washington
Carrots Washington
Lemon Cucumbers Full Circle
Fire Dapple Pluots Washington
Yellow Flesh Nectarines Washington
Peaches Washington
Cantaloupe Washington"

That is A LOT of produce for $32!  I decided to go with the Family size because we have 4 very active eaters at our house who love produce.  I normally spend at least $100 every other week in produce, so this is going to be a HUGE savings!   

They do not actually deliver to your door in the Thurston County area yet, but they do have several "drop off" locations around town.  I picked one that is probably only about 10 minutes from here, and I figure I would be spending that much time at least going to the store and picking out produce, checking out, etc.  They also have drop off locations in the Seattle Metro Area, Eastern King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, and Kitsap County.  And I am pretty sure that they do deliver to quite a few areas (just not here yet).  Delivery is $3 more per week than pick up.

You are able to make substitutions before the delivery goes out and you can have a list of permanent things "blocked" if there are veggies/fruits you know you will never eat.  AND if you are not satisfied with any part of your order, you can let them know and they will credit your account!  Also, you are not obligated to continue the service if you don't want to.  You can cancel at any time for any reason.  :)

If this is something that might interest you and you decide to sign up (at FULL CIRCLE FARMS), PLEASE let them know that I (Sandra Shaw) referred you!  For each friend that is referred, they offer a $30 credit on my next bill(s)!  I would absolutely LOVE you for it!!  :)  Thanks!!  :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Have you ordered? You will LOVE it!

  2. Tiffany-Yes! I did place an order, so you will be getting some credit soon! :) I am so excited to see what I get in my first order!