Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Agoo (similar to Baby Legs) Warehouse Sale

Agoo is having a warehouse sale right now on all their leggings for boys and girls!  Their leggings are $3 instead of $12!  Agoo leggings are made out of bamboo and are super soft!  I think I might even like them better than Baby Legs, but their selection isn't as big.  Click here to view the sale.

I have a boy, but I still LOVE to put these on him.  They not only keep his legs warm in the winter by adding an extra layer of clothing under his pants (kind of like a onesie for the legs), it also keeps his legs warm when I have to change his diaper.  They will be great when he starts crawling because they will protect his knees.  I am also looking forward to using them in the spring when it is kind of warm, but not warm enough to just wear shorts.  I can put these on under the shorts and he will be warm enough.  Here are some pictures of him in his Baby Legs.  Like I said, Agoo is a similar product, but they are up in Canada.

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