Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to do with 40 pounds of Chicken! PART THREE-Recipes

The chicken will be here this week!  I am actually not prepared for the chicken at all.  I was going to be, but then I fell and sprained my ankle on Monday night.  So, Saturday should be a fun day of trying to prep chicken on crutches!  Maybe by then I will be able to walk again.  That would be nice!!  Let me tell you, though.  These meals I have in the freezer have DEFINITELY come in handy this week!!

So, here is a list of freezer meals you can make with all your chicken.  I will link the recipes up to the list instead of actually trying to list all the recipes on here.  Hope you can find one or two that you like and can use!  :)

Cheddar Chicken
Chicken Cacciatore
Salsa Chicken and Rice Casserole (freezer friendly)
Curried Coconut Chicken (freezer friendly)
Sweet and Sticky Orange Chicken  (freezer friendly)
Chicken and Pesto Lasagna
Colorful Chicken Casserole  (freezer friendly)
Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms (freezer friendly)
Chicken Taco Quiche (freezer friendly)
Green Bean Chicken Casserole (freezer friendly)
Honey Dijon Chicken (freezer friendly)
Chicken Potpies (freezer friendly)
Wild Rice Chicken (freezer friendly)
Peachy Barbecue Chicken (freezer friendly)
Italian Chicken Roll Ups (freezer friendly)
Crescent Chicken Bundles (freezer friendly)
Simply Parmesan Chicken

I am sure there are SO many more!  Please post your favorite chicken recipe.  I would love to try it out!!

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