Saturday, November 13, 2010


So, right now I have 60 pounds of chicken in my refrigerator and get to prep all of it today and tomorrow!  I will let you know what I did with it (what recipes I decided to make).  SO excited!  :)


  1. I am almost done. I still need to run to the store for a couple items (red curry paste and saran wrap) and I will be done! Those chicken breasts are HUGE! Most of my recipes call for 6lbs to make 3 meals, but I am finding that averages only 7 halves, where at the store they run almost 12/6lbs.

  2. Just finished. So happy to be done. How are you coming along?

  3. Finally finished earlier today. It was definitely a good deal and I am so sure I am going to appreciate the fact that I do not have to cube and cook chicken for quite a while, but man, that was a lot of work!!!

    Were you weighing each half? I have a postage meter I was using to weigh the chicken.