Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Blogging Divorce

After a while of thinking and weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to split this blog up.  I originally created this blog to post things about cooking and freezing and to post my weekly meal plans on.  Then I discovered the great world of coupons and savings and I feel like they have kind of taken over this blog. 
SO, I decided to create a new blog, The Coupon Savant, to post all of my coupon and savings stuff in.  That way Freezing Queen can be dedicated to food and food storage ideas.  :)  I know this may be kind of frustrating for those of you who have been following Freezing Queen for the savings posts and I am really sorry for that.  I hope that the transition won't be too difficult.  I will continue to post links to The Coupon Savant for a while so that no one misses anything.  :)  I am hoping that in the long run having them seperated will save some confusion and that people who just want to learn about food and freezing can do so here.  Thanks, and I hope to see all of you over at The Coupon Savant

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