Monday, March 21, 2011

Walmart Run-3/21

I don't normally go to Walmart because it tends to be kind of a hassle for me, but this last week, they had some pretty good deals that I couldn't pass up.  They also changed their coupon policy and now you are able to apply the overage from coupons that are MORE than the item amount to the rest of your purchase (or get cash back). PLUS, there is a mail in rebate on toilet paper and Frosted Flakes that MAKES me money, so I had to do it!  LOL

I did try to do this run a couple of days ago and got a terrible cashier, so I ended up just leaving all my stuff there.  I don't do this very often, but this cashier had NO idea what she was doing, and to make it worse, her superior didn't either, so I was outnumbered by people who did not know their own coupon policy or how coupons worked.  It was not worth it!!  BUT, today when I went, the cashier was AWESOME and her superior was super!  It all worked out!!  YEAH!!

So, here is what I got:

Transaction #1

2 Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper 12 double rolls
-Bring Albertson's ad from last week (good until 3/22) and they will price match the ad-so these were $5.99 each
-$0.50/1 printable x 2

4 Philadelphia Cooking Creams, $2.48 each
-$1.50/1 from 3/6 SS x 4

4 Gain Dryer Sheets, 40-count, $1.87
-$3/1 2/13 RP x 4
=$4.52 OVERAGE (applied to the rest of my order)

3 Crest Kids Toothpaste, $1
-$0.50/1 from 2/27 P&G x 3

4 Bailey's Coffee Creamer, $1.84
-$1/1 from 3/6 SS x 4

4 Millstone Individual Coffee Packs, $1.64
-$2/1 from 2/13 RP
=$1.44 OVERAGE (applied to the rest of my order)

Gallon of Milk, $2.38

3 Franks Hot Sauce, $3.12
-FREE coupon from 3/13 SS

TAX  $1.95
TOTAL  $18.13

Transaction #2

2 Kelloggs Frosted Flakes Family Size, $3.50
-$1/2 3/6 RP

TOTAL  $6.00


It gets better!!  I am going to submit for two $10 mail in rebates (one for the Cottonelle Ultra and one for the Frosted Flakes), so I actually am only going to be paying $4.13 for all of this!!  :)

You can do the toilet paper deal (two 12 count double rolls for $0.98!) until tomorrow (when the Albertson's ad expires for the price match), but it looks like the Kelloggs Frosted Flakes are normally $3.50, so you can do that deal until April 15th and actually MAKE $4!  :)  If you choose to do both of them, make sure you do two separate transactions so you can mail in two rebates.  :)

THANKS, The Coupon Posse!

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