Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swagbucks: What are they?

Ever see those posts on your Facebook that say "So and So has just won ___ Swagbucks for searching the web" and wonder what in the world Swagbucks were?  I totally did for a few months before I decided to give it a shot, and like every thing else I have discovered lately to save money, I wondered why I haven't been using it for a LONG time!  

Basically you search the web from Swagbucks and earn these "bucks."  You can either install a toolbar and search that way or you can make it your main search engine.  The rewards are random, so sometimes you won't get any for searching, but other times you could get up to 500!  There are other ways you can acquire them as well through taking surveys, watching videos, shopping from there (like I just earned 315 for getting a groupon deal), and getting Swagbucks codes from blogs.

So, now you have all these Swagbucks, what do you do with them?  This is the BEST "cash" them in at the Swag store!  You can get all sorts of stuff, including gift cards!  I have traded the Swagbucks I have earned in the last month and a half in for two $5 Amazon gift cards!  I will add these to my 20% off Amazon Diapers code and my $10 off Amazon Baby codes to make for some FREE diapers (like a big box of free diapers!!).  But you could get other gift cards like Starbucks gift cards or Target gift cards or gift cards (as well as many others).

To get started with Swagbucks, just go here and register for FREE.  From there they will walk you through how to make Swagbucks your search engine.  Then, just start searching the web!  It is THAT easy!!

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  1. LOVE Swagbucks, have gotten amazon cards & paypal cash with my bucks. New blog follower & FBook Fan. Hope you can come visit sometime