Friday, February 4, 2011

Safeway/Albertsons Run 2-3

So, one thing I learned from tonight's outing:  don't go to the store to use coupons when you are really tired.  I messed up a couple of transactions costing myself $7!  And nowadays, I can make $7 stretch quite a ways so I am totally bummed.  :(  Oh well, live and learn I suppose.

Safeway Purchase:

(4) 12-pack Pepsi
    on sale 4/$12
    -$2/4 ISC (in weekly ad)
    -$2/4 coupon from "Joy of Football" coupon book
    TOTAL  $8 (my stock up price for soda)

2 Wonderful Pistacios
    on sale B1G1, $4.99 for one
    -$1/1 coupon from "Joy of Football" coupon book or ISC (I can't remember now)
    -$1/1 coupon from 11/21 SS
    TOTAL $2.99

Tax $0.87
TOTAL OOP  $11.86

Albertsons Purchases:

Trans #1

6 Whiskas Cat Treats
    On sale 2/$4
    -$1/1 coupon NLA + Doubler x 3
    -B1G1 from 1/23 RP?  (sorry...I'm tired!  :))
    Tax  $0.78
    TOTAL $0.78

Trans #2

3 Nestle Cookie Dough
    On sale $2.79
    -$1/1 coupon from here + Doubler x 3
    TOTAL $2.37

Trans #3

Buy 1 Orville Popcorn at $3.29, get 1 Orville popcorn and 2-2L Soda FREE (with coupon found at checkout, must ask)

4 Orville Popcorn 3 count  reg. $3.29/each
    B1G1 Free, $3.29 each
    -$1/2 coupon from 1/23 SS + Doubler x 2 (I saw a $1/2 coupon on a tear pad at the front of the store on the display)
    TOTAL  2.58

4 A&W 2L Soda reg. $2.19/each
    2 FREE when you get 1 Orville Popcorn (NEED COUPON FROM CASHIER!!!)

1 Canadian Dry 2L Soda reg. $1.89
    FREE with coupon found in an old box of popcorn

3 Maruchan Yakisoba (one thing I messed up on)  reg. $1.29/each
    On sale 10/$10 = $3
   -$0.50/1 + doubler
   TOTAL $2.00 (I thought I still had more doublers to use, but I didn't and then forgot to tell the cashier that I didn't want the other two.  Poop!)

4 Gatorade Prime reg. $1.69/each
4 Gatorade Recover reg. $2.49/each
6 Gatorade Perform reg. $1.89/each
    On sale 10/$10
    -$2/10 ISC (in weekly ad)
    -Get 1 Perform Free when you buy 1 Prime and 1 Recover x 4
    TOTAL $8.00  ($0.57 each)

Coffeemate Creamer  reg. $3.59
    FREE (she only put $3.50 in for the amount, even though it was up to $3.99-another tired mistake) with coupon from Free Flavor Friday

Tax $1.50
TOTAL OOP  $12.42

It should have been $14.08, but there was some mix up about the 4 free sodas.  I didn't know that you needed a separate coupon that only the cashiers had in order for the deal to work (it said nothing about it in the weekly ad).  So, they ended up charging me for the 4 sodas and then refunding my money.  Also, I had grabbed a box of popcorn and had realized it was expired so I brought it to the front to give them.  I accidentally let her ring it up because I was busy thinking about other things (and tired).  Then they had to refund it back to me when I noticed I had it in my bag and I didn't want it.  SO that was $3.29.  So, I don't really know how I got back more than I should have, but it happened.  I guess it makes up for the two noodles I didn't want either and forgot to tell her about!

The second mistake I made tonight was at Rite Aid.  I bought an item that had a $5 coupon and I put it on the counter, but for some reason the cashier didn't see it and didn't use it.  I paid for the transaction with UP+ Rewards, so the item cannot be returned for more then the tax amount I paid for it.  The item has a Single Check Rebate on it for the whole amount of the purchase price this week, so if he would have taken the coupon, I would have MADE $5 cash.  Bummer.  Like I said, live and learn.

Anyhow...the total of Safeway and Albertsons:

TOTAL OOP  $27.43

Now I am going to bed!!!!  :)  Hope baby sleeps through most of the night tonight!!

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