Sunday, February 27, 2011

Planning a vacation? Use EBATES and earn some cash back!!

Are you starting to plan your summer vacations?  How about Spring break vacation?  I have a way that you can get a percentage of your costs BACK in the form of a CHECK!  Yes, cash in your pocket for doing what you would have done anyways!!!

You can earn a percentage of your purchase back on almost anything you buy online through Ebates.  How can this be, you ask?  Ebates gets a "cut" of your purchase for "referring" you to the online store you are purchasing from.  Ebates then gives YOU part of this cut!!  It is awesome!

You can earn 5% back on your Southwest Airlines purchase, up to 4% back on Travelocity, 5% back on Budget and Avis car rentals, 4.5% on, 10.5% on VRBO(!), up to 3% on Orbitz, and MANY more.  These are just some examples of the TRAVEL percentages back.  They have TONS of online stores you can buy from and earn even more!  Places like, Barnes and Noble, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Ebay, Best Buy, Staples, Groupon, etc.  The only place I have found they don't have (besides smaller independent businesses) is Amazon.  I REALLY hope they contract with them SOON!  I buy A LOT on Amazon!

How to get started with Ebates:

Go here to sign up.  It is totally FREE and you will get $5 automatically just for signing up!!  This isn't CREDIT, it is actual CASH that they will send you in the form of a check!  These checks are mailed out about once a quarter.  I have already received two checks.  I LOVE IT!

Search for the online store you are making a purchase from.  When you find it, Ebates will tell you what the percentage of cash back you will get PLUS it will list all the promo codes that store is currently running (another perk!).

Click on the orange "Shop Now" button and you will be redirected to the online store you are buying from.  Everything after that is just as it would have been if you would not have used Ebates, but now you are earning a percentage back!!!  :)

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