Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rite Aid Challenge-Week 1

So, I am going to have to amend the challenge just a little bit.  I was going to try to see how much I could get with only UP+ Rewards, but I didn't take into account tax (which you have to pay) and things not being exactly even (it is hard to find exactly $20 worth of stuff and they won't let you use more UP+ rewards than your total is before tax).  This means that I will have some cash OOP.  I am going to see if I can keep it under $20 (remember, this includes tax).

Here is what I got today:

6 GE Soft White Light Bulbs (packs of 4)
     Reg.$3.99, On sale for $1.99
     $1.99 UP+ REWARDS each
     TOTAL  "PAID" TODAY $11.94

2 Kelloggs Fiber Plus Cereal
    Reg. $4.79, On sale for $2.50
    -$1/1 coupon NLA (No longer available) (there is a $0.70/1 here)
    Mail in Rebate for $2.50 (FYI rebate is for whatever price you pay, so you can send in any receipt if you have bought Fiber Plus recently)
    TOTAL "PAID" TODAY $3.00

2 Starburst and 2 Skittles
    Reg. $0.88, On sale 2/$1
    -$0.25/1 Video Values Rite Aid Coupon here
    -$0.50/2 x 2 here
    TOTAL "PAID" TODAY  $0.75

3 Cetephil Gentle Cleansing Bars
    Reg. $4.49, On sale for $3.49
    -$2/1 coupon in Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and Parents x 3
    COUPON CAN ALSO BE FOUND HERE -You must register and wait a couple of days, though
    $2 UP+ REWARDS each
    TOTAL "PAID" TODAY  $4.47

TOTAL DUE  $20.16
-$20 UP+ REWARDS = $0.16
TAX  $1.69
TOTAL OOP  $1.85
Saved $49.85

RECEIVED $17.94 in UP+ REWARDS for next week!  Also, there is that $2.50 that I will be getting in the mail sometime.  :)  So it is like I "made" $0.44 this week!

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