Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Amazon Diaper Steal! usually has some pretty good deals on diapers because they are always running different promotions.  I just happened to have access to two different promotions that I was able to stack on top of each other to make for some super cheap diapers!!

I got a bulk box of Pampers Size 3 diapers (the 198 count box) that are $52.99 at for $14.96!!!  This makes each diaper only about $0.08 EACH!!

This is how I did it:

Amazon's Sale Price $47.52
Subscribe and Save Discount (30%)  -$14.26
Mailer (a postcard Amazon sent me) -$10.00
Save an Additional 20% from Parenting Magazine -$9.50
Shipping was free through my Amazon Prime
TOTAL  $14.96

LOVE deals like that!!  I should be good on diapers for a little while now at least!  :)

Note about Subscribe and Save.  If you want the discount but don't actually want them to re-send the item to you, wait until the item has shipped and then cancel your subscriptions.  You just go into your account info and it is under "Manage Subscriptions."  I got some really cheap toilet paper not to long ago doing this, too.  :)

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