Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to save some serious $$ on diapers at

I have posted a couple of magazine subscription sales and have mentioned the fact that they normally have 20% off coupon codes or $10 off coupon codes in them  Why are these so important and awesome?  These coupons help you save some MAJOR money on diapers!!  You will never pay full price for your diapers EVER again with these coupons!  I will show you:

1.  Go to  This link will take you directly to the Amazon Mom homepage.  Sign up for Amazon Mom benefits ( Free 2 day shipping and 30% off many items).

2.  Go to the Diaper section (on the left under "For Baby"), then pick the Disposable option (on the left under "Diapers").  This will bring you to the diaper page and the diapers are listed by bestselling.  One thing I love about Amazon is that it has already broken down the price for you per diaper, so you can see what the actual cost is per diaper to get the best deal (sometimes it isn't the big bulk boxes).

3.  Choose the diapers you would like to purchase and click on the diapers.  When you are at the page where you would add them to your cart, DON'T!  You want to "Subscribe and Save."  This is where you will save your 30%.  It is on the right hand side of the page under "add to cart."  I normally click the every 6 months option so that I have more time to cancel.  And then hit Subscribe Now.  You will be asked to sign in again.

4.  So, this automatically gives you 30% off the price of the diapers.  Then if you have a 20% off Diapers at Amazon code, you would enter it in the "Gift Cards or Promotional Claim Codes" box.  This will deduct another 20% off the price.  BUT it gets better!  Amazon lets you stack codes!  So, if you have a $10 off Amazon Baby code, you would enter it in the "Gift Cards or Promotional Claim Codes" box.  This will give you an INCREDIBLE deal on diapers!!

Here is an example of one of my orders a couple weeks ago:

Items OrderedPrice
1 of: Pampers Cruisers Size 3 Diapers eBulk Pack 198 Count [Health and Beauty]
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC
Amazon Prime: Two-Day Shipping is free

Item(s) Subtotal:$47.52
Shipping & Handling:$0.00
Promotion Applied:-$14.26
Promotion Applied:-$9.50
Promotion Applied:-$10.00
Total Before Tax:$13.76
Sales Tax:$1.20
Total for This Shipment:$14.96

That is like getting a diaper for a little under $0.08 a diaper!!  Why did I ever pay full price for diapers?  Amazing!  :)

Another great way to earn some credit for Amazon is through Swagbucks.  This is basically a program where you earn "swagbucks" just for searching the web!  It is totally FREE to join and the bucks add up fast!!  When you get 450 swagbucks you can trade it in for a $5 Amazon gift card (they have tons of other things you can "buy" with your bucks, this is just one of the items)-NO STRINGS ATTACHED!  Sign up here to get started.  It is incredible!  I use these $5 Gift Cards to score FREE diapers on a regular basis!  

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this!!

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