Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Save some money this holiday season!!!

If you are an online shopper, like I am (HELLO, I have 3 kids!  MUCH easier to shop from home!!), this is a GREAT way for you to earn some extra money on your purchases.  It is through a program/website called Ebates.  What you do is every time you are going to buy something online, you go there and see if the store is an "ebate" store.  If it is, ebates.com will LIST all the deals your store is currently running as well as any coupon codes for any items (free shipping, percentage off, etc.).  It is pretty sweet because they kind of do the work for you.  And if that isn't enough, they also give you a percentage of your purchase back!!!  You can even earn up to 10% at some of the stores (like Kodak Gallery--I used this one tonight!)!!  They can do this because the stores pay them a fee when we click their site and shop, so they give back some of that fee to us.  It only works, though, if you sign up (TOTALLY FREE) and go to the store from the ebates site.  There is a whole page explaining how it all works much better than I can.  Follow these steps to see and it will explain it all:
1.  Click on this link to get to ebates
2. Click on the FAQs tab at the bottom of the home page
3.  On the right of the FAQs page there is a link to "How to join and use ebates."

Another great thing is you actually get $5 in your "cash back" just for joining up!  I only wish I would have know about this sooner!  I would have been using it MUCH more!!


  1. Here is a review of ebates.com just to be safe. I wanted to make sure I wasn't posting something sketchy on here for you guys to try out. So, you can check it out here:

  2. And here is the BBB review: