Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review of Polish Reuben Casserole

So, apparently I am striking out in the casserole department this week  Tonight I made the Polish Reuben Casserole.  This recipe (in my opinion) was worse than last nights!  It didn't take a super long time to make (probably about 25 minutes because I had to defrost the sausage and shred the cheese myself), but it did take an hour plus to cook.  And even after that hour, the sausages weren't cooked all the way through, so I had to microwave individual servings to completely cook the sausage.

I thought this casserole was a little heavy/thick.  I don't really care too much for Swiss cheese as it is and this casserole had a lot of it.  I don't really know what could have been done to change that, other than reducing the amount of cheese or cream of mushroom soup?  Maybe add some water instead of soup/milk.  I probably will not make this casserole again, so I won't be trying any of these.  Sorry.

Brian agreed that the casserole was a little thick.  He didn't care for it much either.  Cameron actually liked the casserole.  He gave it a 7 out of 10.  Connor ate the sausages and asked for more of those, but didn't like the rest of the casserole (big surprise!).

So, I hope this helps.  Hopefully next week will produce some better results as far as recipes go.  And this week better get better, also!

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