Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is my very first time blogging and I am so excited to start!!  I have developed a love for making meal plans and freezing multiple meals as I make them and thought it would be fun to share this interest.  I find freezing meals makes meal time much easier to live with since I really don't actually like to cook very much at all.  If I can make two of one meal at a time, there will be one for another day when I am busy or I just really, REALLY don't feel like cooking. 

Since I have been making and freezing meals for about a year, I have had several people ask me how I freeze things, what things can be frozen, how I save time when making meals and what meals my family likes.  I thought I could start this blog so that those people who were interested in meal planning and making their meal time simpler could get some answers here.

I don't believe I am an expert at this in any way whatsoever and am constantly learning new ways to do things and trying out new meals.  There have definitely been disaster meals mixed in with the meals that I am definitely going to make again.  I plan on sharing all these ideas, meals, tricks, etc. on this blog so that hopefully we can all learn together!  :)

Another thing that I have tried to get better at is finding good deals on food, especially food that we eat a lot or food that is normally more expensive, like meat, cheese, etc.  I will be sharing deals I find on here as well.  Weekly ads have become something I am excited to get and look at so I can start to plan my meals!  :) 

What I am going to try to do is share with everyone what my weekly meal plan is, how I got that meal plan, what my shopping list would be for that plan and then the actual recipes.  As I make the recipes I will update to see how my family and myself liked the recipe and whether or not we would eat it again.  That is not to say is isn't a good recipe.  We just have our own taste. 

I am really looking forward to keeping this blog and hopefully being able to get some other ideas from people.  :)  Tomorrow I will post my very first meal plan!  :)

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